Is sharing complex data slowing you down?

Take SharePoint

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4Mata is a design tool that transforms complex lists and data into simple, beautiful visuals.


4Mata Designer


Become a Data Visual Wiz

Unleash Your Inner Picasso

Create beautiful designs without designers or IT.

Sharepoint’s new sidekick

Organize, create, and design reports like a boss within SharePoint!

All-in-one Editing Tool

Easy to use for everyone, beginners and pros.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

4Mata saves you hours of hassle and costs you’d spend on coding, hiring a developer or just figuring it all out.

Better Together

Collaborate and create beautiful designs with your team, in real time.

Your Superpower

Impress your boss and clients —
they will wonder how you did it.

Compatible with software you already use

"If PowerApps and Excel had a baby, they would call it 4Mata."

4Mata is the first-of-its-kind design tool for SharePoint that lets you create column, view, and form designs.

Drag & Drop

Build your designs in minutes.

Build Column, View & Form Designs

Design multiple columns at once. Create powerful out of the box forms & views.

Dynamic Expression Builder

Build and customize complex expressions in seconds.

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